Superior Hardware

We’re not above name-dropping. Supermicro servers, Kingston RAM, Intel XEON processors, Intel solid state drives – because performance and reliability go hand-in-hand with first class hosting.

Superior Software

Power to the people! Administer accounts with ease and install 100+ scripts in seconds through cPanel loaded with Softaculous. Additionally, we feature CloudLinux on all our first class web hosting servers.

Superior Network

With superior service comes global responsibility. Multiple Tier 1 providers and network redundancy mean your sites run faster and smoother for visitors around the world.

True White-Label Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plans are custom-tailored to our customer’s needs. If you’re managing websites for your clients, Localnode makes running the hosting portion of your business a breeze, with fast, reliable reseller hosting services. Your time is valuable, and that’s why we guarantee our reseller hosting services.

Our features

24/7 Customer Care

First-class web hosting demands a first class support staff. Our capable, friendly associates are always available, around the clock, and we solve it the first time – no “quick to respond, slow to resolve” nonsense you get with other providers.

First Class Hosting 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Superior Hardware – Superior Software – Superior Network – by their powers combined, we present superior uptime! Your sites will be available 99.9+% of the time, guaranteed (see our Service-Level Agreement for details).

Reliable Hardware

We like it when things just work, don’t you? We invest in the best, so our customers can enjoy unparalleled server reliability. Supermicro, Intel and Kingston are just some of the brands we use to ensure our hardware is built to perform.

Data Back Up

“I love it when I lose all my data,” said no one ever. That’s why we have a 3-stage backup system, which includes superior hardware-based RAID protection, on-server daily, weekly and monthly hot backups, and ClusterLogics Continuous Data off-server incremental backup protection.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We know you’re going to love our fast, reliable servers and knowledgeable, friendly support staff. But if you need to cancel your service for any reason during your first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back, no hassles, no risk, guaranteed.

No Overcrowding

Have you ever been bumped from a flight or lost a hotel room due to overbooking? This is no way to treat your customers, which is why at Localnode, the resources you expect will always be available for you to use. Our servers are never overcrowded, and undersold hosting means superior performance for you.

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