Superior Security Solution

Sure, we have fun taking care of our customers, but as a first class shared web hosting specialist we have a reputation to maintain, so we’re deadly serious about security. Without superior security, your business (and ours) is dead in the water.

Our approach is three-fold:

  • Not all firewall configurations are created equal. Our first class web hosting servers are protected by the best onboard software and hardware firewalls money can buy to safeguard you and your customers. We prefer to avoid being the chilling subject of headline news on the technology pages.
  • Localnode’s primary security strategy is to pre-empt problems. We monitor our servers day and night to ensure maximum uptime on every running service. To avoid disrupting your business, we keep you informed when we have to take time out to maintain our service. We don’t like surprises, and we suspect you don’t either.
  • Security is our business, and so you can get on with your business, we have 24/7 open communication channels and expertly trained support staff to address any concerns you might have and answer your questions. Planning a big move? Installing new software? Scheduling site maintenance? Ask us to be on special standby.

Our security solution is embedded in the OS we use. CloudLinux OS includes a plethora of security features like CageFS, SecureLinks, and HardenedPHP. These features are designed to prevent security breaches, not just fix them.

  • CageFS is a virtualised file system with tools that contain each user in its own private “cage” so that users can’t detect other users or their data on the server.
  • SecureLinks enables protection against symbolic link attacks common in shared hosting environments.
  • HardenedPHP secures old and unsupported versions of PHP. Older versions of PHP (used by up to 85% of sites) include vulnerabilities that are no longer patched by the community. HardenedPHP can mitigate these vulnerabilities and protect all unsupported PHP versions.

Access to your control panel and email, as well as all information submitted to us, is through a secure 256-bit encrypted SSL, which ensures your administrative and maintenance tasks are protected too. You can also install 100+ scripts quickly and easily using Softaculous, secure in the knowledge that your software installations are always bug-free.

Our data centre security policies further ensure the protection of our clients’ data and our reputation as a first class web host. Strict entry policies, staff vetting and levelled clearance, escort visitation policies and continual video monitoring keep your data safely in our hands where it belongs. Yes, 24/7, the scene plays out just like in the movies.

Contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

Superior Security Solution

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